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Recruiting an army of Angels.
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The Ark.Fund aims to train and sophisticate more people to create
a community of new and seasoned Angel Investors
to invest in early stage Startups.

How to Sign Up and Invest in Startups

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2 We confirm

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3 You review

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When we challenge ourselves to be better,
we also challenge humanity to be better.

A collaborative investing community
to promote future leaders.
Train The Ark.Fund trains new investors to learn about angel investing through education and mentoring via bootcamps and real time investment opportunities. Members will learn the ins and outs of the investment process such as evaluating companies, conducting due diligence and structuring deals. Arrow
Enable The Ark.Fund enables seasoned investors get involved with the entrepreneurial community and capitalise on investment opportunities within a new asset classe to diversify their portfolios. Arrow
Invest The Ark.Fund invests capital in super early stage startups that have validated an initial problem, found a market for their product and attracted their first customers. These are companies that are ready to prove their business, calculate their market size and measure the life-time value of customers. Arrow
Arrow Connect The Ark.Fund connects companies, advisors, and leaders with entrepreneurs to establish ongoing relationships and amass the necessary capital to improve the odds for success.
The Ark.Fund bridges investment training through active funding in
extraordinary Startups.
Startups and Angels “growing” in community.
For Startups.

We bring more social capital than financial
capital. We are eager to invest in the stage
where is most needed. Learn more

For Angels.

Become a Savvy and connected
Angel Investor.

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Past Investments.
We offer our members and entrepreneurs a
Return Of Involvement (ROI) beyond the economical return:
Belong to The Ark. Talk to us.
Belong to The Ark. Talk to us.